Blood Runs Cold

“Blood Runs Cold is a gruesome take on the much-loved Hidden Object genre. The story follows journalist Paige Harper as she attempts to prove her innocence, having been framed for a series of horrifying crimes. Subjected to a trial by media in a world where news is more about shocking headlines than truth, players must assist Paige as she delves into the dark and twisted mind of a serial killer.”

BRC was my first gig as a Lead Developer. I had the pleasure of working with a great tech team, and was responsible for defining the underlying architecture of the whole game and specifics on several of the modules, including Gameplay, Player Profile and Item Database, UI, Tutorial and the toolsets for for narrative and game designers, along with implementation and supporting the other developers.

Not only we were the first mobile game out of BP’s Hamburg office and the first team to use the full company tech stack, but we also managed to set workflows in place and create an environment where the designers were fully integrated in the technical process and could author all of the game’s content themselves using the toolset we prepared.

Together with the other leads and the project manager, I was also responsible for supporting the other disciplines and the communication between all parts of the team, along with helping to define timelines and how to tackle the problems throughout our production cycle.

Project: Blood Runs Cold

Company: Bigpoint

Platforms: Android, iOS

Roles: Lead Developer, Unity3D C# developer

Year: 2017